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19-23 octobre / october / octubre 2020

Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

Message from the Chair of Emmaus International


Dear all,

We have just launched the preparations for the 2020 World General Assembly, and I am counting on you, and your desire to help shape our Movement's future, to participate in this important meeting in Uruguay next October.

The board has been working to prepare our 2020 World Assembly since its meeting in May 2018, when it was decided the assembly would be held in the Americas.

Current events in the Americas unfortunately confirm how relevant it is for us to meet on that continent where many struggles for democracy, fundamental rights, social and environmental justice are taking place before our very eyes: in Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia, recent mass demonstrations by civil society have proven their courage and determination.
This shows us that in addition to offering alternatives, we must pursue our efforts to resist a system that tries everything, including militarised authoritarianism, to remain in place and to permit the same privileged individuals to continue monopolising the world's wealth unrestrictedly, rather than sharing them as common assets managed in the general interest of our humanity and our planet.

The board also felt that this World Assembly should enable us to address important subjects concerning the future of our Movement. During its meeting in May 2019 at the community in Cernay, France, the elected members shared their concerns about their ability to exist, considering the attacks on the actors we represent around the world, along with the possible ageing of our activists and the need to communicate our values and our guiding principles, and also to support numerous individuals to assume responsibilities in our Movement and to commit to this work.

The board has also proposed four words of inspiration for the 2020 World Assembly: Exist, Communicate, Commit, Resist.

It is based on these four words that we now wish to begin consulting all the Emmaus groups around the world, so that each group can, based on their own local context, contribute to the creation of the 2020-2024 policy report of our International Movement.

All the elected members of the board join me in expressing how much we are looking forward to receiving your contributions.

Please find the detailed explanations below of how you can provide us with your thoughts and proposals.

I would like to wish you every success in preparing for our next World Assembly and I looking forward to seeing you soon.

On behalf of the Emmaus International board
Patrick Atohoun, Chair

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Consultation document

To be returned to us before 02 March 2020!

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Facilitation guide

How to organise a group consultation