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19-23 octobre / october / octubre 2020

Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

Why should my group go?


Why should my group go?

While attending the World Assembly is a key obligation for all member organisations, it is also an important and useful time for groups for a number of other reasons.

It gives you the chance to share your views on the Movement's guidelines and to ensure that the organisation's priorities for the next four years are based on your needs. Getting involved in the preparatory work is essential to enable us to take account of your expectations in the drafting of the Guidance Report and the World Assembly programme.

The World Assembly also provides a unique opportunity to meet members of the Emmaus Movement from around the world and find out about their initiatives. Knowing more about and having a better understanding of the struggles in other countries makes it easier to lead the struggle in your own country.

The World Assembly is also a time for building strong connections in order to facilitate our work over the next four years. Whether your group takes part in the solidarity programme or benefits from it, whether you are locally involved in the struggle for peace and freedom of movement, social and environmental justice or building a truly ethical and solidarity-based economy that serves fundamental rights, knowing who the people are at each end of the solidarity chain will make communication easier and improve the quality of discussions.

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