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19-23 octobre / october / octubre 2020

Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

Latin America: a land of resistance


Latin America: a land of resistance

After the fall of the military dictatorships that dominated the region between the 1960s and 1980s, the region is now experiencing a gradual rise in extremely harsh neoliberal policies. These policies have caused the development of widespread poverty, inequality, corruption and exclusion.

This has led, in turn, to the emergence of new organised social movements. Defending rights, often creatively, they benefit from support in the region and the fact that their discussions are facilitated by having a shared cultural heritage. The first World Social Forum held in Brazil in 2001 is a reflection of this.

After a "shift to the left" in mid-2000s and a decade of progressive governments, Latin America seems to be undergoing a new "shift to the right", a right that is still neoliberal, but also conservative and populist, as demonstrated by the recent election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. This political development, which is also playing out in Europe, requires social movements to reinvent themselves once again.

In this context, the World Assembly theme, "70 years of resistance: still changing the world!", fits in perfectly. Emmaus is active in nine countries in the Americas region, with   32 full members and five trial members.

Photo : Montecruz Foto, Marcha al Codicen, Montevideo, Uruguay, 2016

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