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19-23 octobre / october / octubre 2020

Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

70 years of struggles: still changing the world!

Held every four years, the Emmaus International World Assembly (or General Assembly) brings together representatives of all the member organisations from around the globe. It is the high point of the Movement's democratic life, as well as a time for meeting up and rallying support for our struggles.

Discover in video all the reasons to participate!

19-23 October 2020



18 October | Arrival and evening opening ceremony
19-22 October | World Assembly in Piriápolis, including a memorial ceremony for Abbé Pierre on the banks of the Rio de la Plata
23 October | Visits and mobilisation event in Montevideo
24 October | Departure

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What is the Emmaus International World Assembly ?

Emmaus International is a movement, in other words a gathering of people united by our struggles and hopes for tomorrow. We need to meet regularly in order to bring our movement to life... 

All the deadlines you need to know to get ready for the World Assembly 2020!

Will there be time to discover the work carried out by the groups in the Americas? Absolutely!

Companions motivated to welcome you, visits to Emmaus groups working at grassroots level and a public event to help develop relationships with civil society...