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19-23 octobre / october / octubre 2020

Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

Will there be time to discover the work carried out by the groups in the Americas? Absolutely!


Will there be time to discover the work carried out by the groups in the Americas? Absolutely!

Companions motivated to welcome you, visits to Emmaus groups working at grassroots level and a public event to help develop relationships with civil society: the Americas region is doing everything in its power so that you can find out about their struggles and alternatives in one week.

The Americas regions is very keen to host this World Assembly, which will be the first in this region since it was held in Montreal in 1971. It will be an opportunity for participants from all over the world to discover the reality of life for companions here, learn a great deal about the groups in the region, and build bridges.


As you can imagine, it won’t be possible to visit over forty Emmaus groups in the Americas, spread over 9 countries from Uruguay to the United States. But the Americas regions is already working on demonstrating and making the alternatives promoted by the groups visible, in a wide variety of ways (displays, presentations, videos, etc.).


We are also planning several on-site visits in Uruguay: whether to local Emmaus groups or other projects run by allied civil society organisations, which illustrate the activist work and social actions taken in the region. 


In addition, the programme will give pride of place to a public debate, through organising an event where several key speakers from Uruguayan and Latin American civil society will be invited to discuss the alternatives offered by Emmaus, to develop relationships and work together on our struggles.


Finally, for groups who so wish, you can register without signing up to the group flight that we are arranging from Paris to Montevideo. Therefore, you can organise your own trip to include a stopover in nearby countries, such as Brazil and Argentina, which are common stopovers on flights to Uruguay. The trick is to buy your ticket in advance and to make direct contact with the groups you wish to visit.

La Asamblea Mundial de Emaús Internacional: ¿Qué es? What is the Emmaus International World Assembly ?