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19-23 octobre / october / octubre 2020

Piriapolis & Montevideo, Uruguay

What is the Emmaus International World Assembly ?


What is the Emmaus International World Assembly ?

Emmaus International is a movement, in other words a gathering of people united by our struggles and hopes for tomorrow. We need to meet regularly in order to bring our movement to life.

Organised every four years, the Emmaus International World Assembly (or General Assembly) gathers representatives from all member organisations throughout the world. It’s a high point in the democratic life of the movement, but it’s also an opportunity to meet and rally around our struggles.


During this assembly, the Chair of our movement is elected for a 4-year mandate. We also take stock of the initiatives put in place during the previous mandate and decide on the guidelines for the following four years. Workshops and meetings are organised to enable participants to discuss the battles that they wage in their countries, to become inspired by each other and to work closer together on our struggles to develop a global political voice.


Article 16 of the Statutes: “The General Assembly is the highest body of Emmaus International and has full powers and responsibilities so that it can realise its aims and its objectives within the framework of the statutes, of the Manifesto and of any policies and decisions it may adopt.”


This World Assembly will be the first one held in South America, a land of social fights and struggles, which we will join for our day of action in Montevideo. The launch of Emmaus International’s 1st Global Report on the causes of poverty will also be a key moment.

Will there be time to discover the work carried out by the groups in the Americas? Absolutely! Découvrir les actions des groupes américains le temps de l'Assemblée ? C’est possible !